Benefits of Solid Beams Vs Box Beams in Construction

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There are many benefits to using solid beams in construction, but you should know what they are before you get started. They are typically made from steel or concrete but can also be made from wood. In a wood box beam, two by four-inch lumber is sandwiched between two vertical layers of plywood. While it does not add much weight, it does have the appearance of a substantial beam.

One of the most common applications of solid beams is timber cladding. More homeowners are cladding their exterior walls with timber, which is both attractive and affordable. A timber frame built with solid beams is strong and tolerant of various weather conditions. In addition to adding beauty to a building, it also adds strength. When compared to other types of construction materials, solid beams are often more durable and have more flexibility.

While the wide flange steel beam is the strongest, it’s not quite as strong as a box beam. It’s only as strong as a single steel beam if it has enough steel reinforcement to withstand the load of the entire building. If you’re not sure, you can ask a contractor or structural engineer. If the job is too large for you to do on your own, be sure to check with an architect before deciding on a design.

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